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Boston Spa, Wetherby & Villages Green Group

The Boston Spa, Wetherby & Villages Green Group was set up with three objectives:

  1. To reduce our carbon emissions
  2. To increase biodiversity
  3. To reduce waste and increase recycling in our communities

Our aim is to help the environment in our local area but hopefully other areas can benefit from some of our ideas.

We have so far set up 5 community action groups to focus on specific areas, namely:

  • Protecting and increasing Tree Cover
  • Making Cycling safer
  • Reducing Waste and increasing Recycling
  • Creating Wildlife Corridors
  • Reducing Food Waste

See tabs above for each group’s pages and blogs/news.

We also have two developing projects:

  • Creating a clean river environment
  • A community repair shop / cafĂ©
Boston Spa, Wetherby & Villages Green Group
Boston Spa, Wetherby & Villages Green Group

Every week in Boston Spa, Wetherby and Villages, we are getting new members joining us who would like to get involved in some aspect of protecting our local environment, reducing our carbon waste, increasing biodiversity or reducing waste. We are now up to 120 members and growing!

Next Group Meeting

If you share our desire to improve our local environment and do what we can personally and as a community to reduce our carbon footprint, please come along to our next open meeting, which are held bi-monthly in Boston Spa Methodist Church.

Unfortunately, in light of the current situation with Coronavirus, meetings are on Zoom and the next meeting is on Monday 24 May 2021 at 7.30pm.

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