Eco Friendly Christmas Ideas

Top Tips for a greener more sustainable Christmas:

The typical Christmas wrapping paper is shiny and not recyclable, so consider using a paper that is recyclable or reuse tissue paper, newspaper, old wallpaper, fabric etc all tied up with string or ribbon (not sellotape which is not recyclable).

Make your own wreath using sticks or foliage from the garden and blinged up with any bright and interesting fruit, baubles, pine cones, cinnamon sticks etc – see our Youtube video on how to make your own wreath with a bit of local foraging. The foliage can be composted after Christmas, and the wire and other decorations reused.

An alternative wreath is one made from old plastic bags – lots of ideas on the web if you search ‘Plastic Bag Wreath’. All you need is an old wire hanger and plastic bags.

If you still have Christmas cards from last year, cut these up to make gift tags. Here, we’ve also used a ribbon from last year’s crackers.
Make your own advent calendar. Here’s one made by Georgina for her son, Tom.
Prairie Wish makes seed cards that can be planted after Christmas.

Make your own decorations – below are some that Georgina has made from saved wool, buttons, pine cones, corks, shells and bottle tops:

Let us know of any other ideas you might have and we’ll add them here.

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  1. Anne Davies on August 24, 2023 at 2:46 PM

    use broken branches to decorate as an alternative to Christmas trees.

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