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Green Christmas Ideas

Top Tips for a more eco-friendly Christmas: If you still have Christmas cards from last year, cut these up to make gift tags. Here, we’ve also used a ribbon from last year’s crackers. 3. Make your own wreath using sticks or foliage from the garden and blinged up with any bright and interesting fruit, baubles,…

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Water Quality

From Surfers Against Sewage We hate to break it to you but chances are, if you’ve swam in UK waterways, you may have swam in sewage discharged by water companies.  Our rivers and ocean continue to be polluted. We get ill. Fragile eco-systems are destroyed. Animals can’t survive. It’s not just in one area, it’s happening…

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Let It Grow; Reduce the Mow

Leaving your grass to grow or setting aside at least a patch of your lawn to allow flowers to bloom and provide a vital source of nectar for bees and other insects to complete their breeding cycles. See photos below of some gardens in our Green Group.

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I keep seeing ragwort being pulled up by people who may not fully understand the role of the plant. Many of us have been taught that ragwort is bad, but if we are going to have wildflower areas and promote insects, we need to reconsider this plant. Ragwort is native and is one of the…

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Planting around Church Fields

We have done some planting to help pollinators with a range of wildflowers and trees, namely purging buckthorn to attract Brimstone Butterflies whose caterpillars use this plant as their primary food source. With any luck, we should have some of these beautiful butterflies become resident in our village. To find out more about purging buckthorn…

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Kestrel Nest Box is Up!

Many thanks to Rick Banks for fixing the kestrel box into place. We greatly appreciate his effort for bravely scrambling up a long ladder and screwing the box into place. Kestrels have tried and failed to nest on our riverside for the last two years, I believe due to disturbance from the volume of walkers.…

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Gardening for Wildlife Tips

Water Butt I needed to reset the footings for a water butt and instead of using a single block or slap of concrete, I used some old bricks and slab. Leaving a gap will give a home for newts, toads, insects etc. Rough Corners I am sure if you look around your garden or any…

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Start a Tiny Nursery

I thought it would be a good idea to start a few trees off in my garden ready to plant out in a year or two. We just collected some acorns, prepared a bit of spare garden, laid them out so you can the check spacing and plant about 6″/15cm apart. Once the trees are…

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Stop Plastic getting in Waterways

Litter picking dog

A high percentage of plastic can find its way into our waterways, then the sea, damaging wildlife and making fish toxic. If you see some rubbish, picking it up is a great help. I taught my dog, Sheba, to do her bit.

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