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The Importance of Leaving Deadwood

I am dead woodAnd I am dead goodFor a truly healthy forest or wood So please leave much moreOn the woodland or forest floorAnd I’ll tell you what I’m really good for I prevent erosion of the soilAnd to woodland plants I am loyal I release nutrients and nitrogenFeeding them to keep them aliveAnd I…

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Project bird boxes – January update

Well surprisingly since my new interest in bird boxes I got a lovely hand made one for Christmas! It’s quite heavy-duty and my nephews tried to pinch it for their house! Anyway, someone has given us some wood to get started and we are making kestrel boxes first as they are already looking for nest…

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Project Bird Boxes

My two nephews, Stan and Edwin aged 9 and 6, are really interested in all aspects of helping to address the climate emergency and in particular, protecting wildlife.  They want to attract more birds into their own garden and help protect the ones in my garden. Why do they want to do this?  Because as…

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