We all need to do our best


Earth Day 22 April

EARTH DAY 2021 is today. It happens every year on April 22nd. Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day continues to grow as a global event to demonstrate support for environmental protection and to highlight the urgent actions we need to take to save our planet.  The theme for 2021 is ‘Restore Our Earth’ and…

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Big Bike Fix

Our Community Green Group started the Boston Big Bike Fix in January 2021 as a hub of the original project started last June in South Leeds. The idea is to recycle bikes, fix them up and donate them to children and adults who could not afford to buy one. 10 April 2021 was a landmark…

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NEW Boston Spa Geocache Trail

Like and share on Facebook Welcome to our series of 10 Boston Spa Green geocaches, a 6km loop (2hour stroll) round our village, river and woods. Along the way you’ll find out about the places you visit, how they relate to the environment we live in and hopefully have some fun (and some fresh air too).…

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A net-zero carbon roadmap for Leeds & how we can help

Like and share on Facebook The first version of the Leeds Net-Zero Carbon Roadmap was published by the Leeds Climate Commission in the spring of 2019. A lot has happened and so much has changed in the short period of time since the first version of the roadmap was published that a new version is…

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