We all need to do our best

Pen Power

Water Quality

From Surfers Against Sewage We hate to break it to you but chances are, if you’ve swam in UK waterways, you may have swam in sewage discharged by water companies.  Our rivers and ocean continue to be polluted. We get ill. Fragile eco-systems are destroyed. Animals can’t survive. It’s not just in one area, it’s happening…

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Please save Environmental Protections

From Friends of the Earth The government’s plans to tear up the English planning system could drastically weaken environmental protections and hand more power to big developers and landowners.  But there’s a growing backlash against the government’s proposals – and the threat they pose to nature and our ability to enjoy it.   Do you…

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Say No to Peat

Why Peat has no place in our gardens Peat stores carbon, so digging up peat releases that carbon. A loss of only 5% of UK peatland carbon would be equal to the UK’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. Water from our uplands filtered through peat bogs is of a higher quality than water from degraded bogs,…

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