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NEW Boston Spa Geocache Trail

Like and share on Facebook Welcome to our series of 10 Boston Spa Green geocaches, a 6km loop (2hour stroll) round our village, river and woods. Along the way you’ll find out about the places you visit, how they relate to the environment we live in and hopefully have some fun (and some fresh air too).…

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Start a Tiny Nursery

I thought it would be a good idea to start a few trees off in my garden ready to plant out in a year or two. We just collected some acorns, prepared a bit of spare garden, laid them out so you can the check spacing and plant about 6″/15cm apart. Once the trees are…

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Green Traffic Calming

Green Traffic calming idea An interesting way to look at the traffic calming problem: choose some slow-growing plants (some evergreen) and put them right where they are needed to gather the toxins in the air. I am sure you may be able to think of other interesting traffic calming ideas.

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When is a Tree a Weed?

The term weed is often misused. I think of a weed as just a plant growing in the wrong place. Look at this holly tree, for example. We all love a holly tree but this is a weed growing in a drain. Don’t worry, it will be removed from its prison and released into the…

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