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Food Waste

Nice article here on a way of reusing waste to make nifty plant pots! Click the button on the right to download.

We wish to help reduce food waste – see the BBC’s article on how to cut your food waste can help the climate.

It has never been easier for us to get the food we want, when we want, but more than a third of the food we produce is wasted.

  • 10.2m tonnes of food is wasted annually
  • Household contribution to food waste is 7.3m tonnes
  • 4.4m tonnes of household food waste thrown away could have been eaten
  • The average UK household wasted £470 worth of food which went in the bin and could have been eaten

In 2018, Too Good To Go, the food waste app, revealed that almost 900,000 perfectly edible, freshly prepared meals end up in the bin in the UK every day (320m meals every year) because they haven’t been sold in time by restaurants and cafes.

(Credit: Getty Images/Javier Hirschfeld)

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