International Stop Food Waste Day 28th April 2021

Whilst International Stop Food Waste day is 28th April 2021 is a fairly American led event, primarily by Compass Group plc, we wish to share some of Alice Woodwark’s comments about the issue of food waste in her sector, during a recent interview.  Alice who is the managing director of Restaurant Associates, UK, said, about her business sector:

“ We recognise that as a company we also need to reduce our food waste. We’ve already introduced a number of measures to tackle this issue and as our target to reduce our food waste by 10% by 2020 showed, it remains at the very top of our agenda.  We have an amazing team at Wellcome Trust who have done the business proud in the way they have adopted the technology of Winnow Solutions–a smart-scale system which weighs food waste and produces detailed reports on what is being wasted and where in the foodservice process. I believe there has already been a substantial shift in perception of food waste. Take for instance the Courtauld 2025 Commitment to cut food waste by 20%, which has now collected 136 signatories, Compass Group included. There is still a lot we can do collectively as a nation, but the signs are there that the message is taking hold. ” 

Click here to read more about the Courtauld 2025 Commitment

On a more personal level, Alice had the following advice:

“  In the past, I believe we have all probably been guilty of overindulging in portion size. I now make a conscious effort to buy slightly less food so that I do not overeat or leave food uneaten on my plate – two scenarios which I am sure we are all familiar with.  One of the most important steps someone can take to reducing their personal food waste is to simply plan ahead in a sensible fashion; buying impulse items is a sure way to seeing some of it end up in the bin.”

We have all seen lots of recipes by now to use up left overs (heres some examples), but please click the following links for a few more unusual ones:

PORRIDGE PARATHAS AND BANANA CHUTNEY “This is one of the healthiest and most economical recipes you can have for your breakfast or afternoon snacks.  The recipe has zero waste and I really want to share it with others.  What is great about this recipe is the healthy benefits it gives, and you will be 100% satisfied with no wastage left behind you”. Noura Loulouchi, Executive Chef, United Arab Emirates

RICE RAVIOLI “The ravioli pasta is made from leftover rice, which is widely used in Brazilian homes and is a food that generates many daily leftovers both in homes and in commercial restaurants. The filling for the ravioli uses 100% of the pumpkin; the pulp is mashed, some diced squash is used to decorate the dish, and the seeds make up the cheese bread farofa lending the dish a modern touch”. Head Chef Wagner Barbosa, Compass Group Brazil

BROCCOLI STALK HUMMUS How often do we throw away the fat juicy stem of a broccoli stalk? They contain just as much flavour and nutrients as the pretty green trees that we love to eat, so how about trying this great recipe for a different take on the traditional chickpea hummus?

What are you going to do for International Stop Food Waste Day?

Implementing one or two small changes into your usual food shopping and meal planning routines and telling someone else about the impact of food waste on everyone’s individual carbon footprint, which in turn impacts climate change, is a great start!

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