Everything you need to know about air pollution in one place

Up to now, it’s been easy to associate the glow of a fire or wood burner with comfort. Pressures on household finances may have tempted more people towards burning wood in the belief that it’s cheaper or more environmentally friendly.

However, we want to help protect people and planet by shining a light on these myths and letting you know that in fact, wood burning hurts your wallet, your health and the planet.

New evidence shows wood burning actually:

  • Harms your wallet: wood burning is almost always more expensive than other forms of heating.
  • Harms your health: lighting fires in our homes is the largest source of harmful small particulate matter air pollution in the UK.
  • Harms the planet: wood burning creates more harmful CO2 emissions compared to other forms of heating and we cannot reproduce trees fast enough to offset the CO2 emitted by burning wood.

Don't believe the science? Think again, this is an MVHR (mechanically ventilated heat recovery) air filter from a house in Wetherby. The top filter has just been removed from the system and had been filtering external air being pumped into the house for 3 months (Sept-Nov23) - this could be what our lung linings would look like! v's a new filter (bottom image).

No doubt that this will also be down to a mix of all types of local air pollution eg car exhausts too, see our post about idling cars here.


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