Wetherby and Boston Spa schools champion the environment.

Over the past few months, our local school children have been busier than usual. As well as their normal curricular activities they’ve been learning about protecting our local environment, reducing waste, reusing and recycling and encouraging more active travel.

Delivered by Penny Stables and volunteers from the Boston Spa, Wetherby and Villages Community Green Group, in partnership with local schools, Penny says ‘we seem to have created real resonance with our local Community schools’.


Deputy Head, Rebecca at Lady Hastings’ Primary School, Thorp Arch goes on to say that, ‘Penny and Adrian delivered a really interesting and thought-provoking presentation in school, where children were asked to think about carbon footprints of different countries around the world.  The children took part in practical activities to understand how they could reduce their own carbon footprint and began to think of ways which our school could become more eco-friendly.  We are really looking forward to working with the Boston Spa Green Group to help establish our new eco-group and implement eco-friendly initiatives throughout our school’.

Ben, year 5&6 teacher at St James’ Primary School, Wetherby went on to say ‘thanks for coming in to talk to Year 5/6 - they were engaged and we had some good discussions back in class’

Mrs Holmes (Head teacher) and Mr Keen (year 6 teacher) at Primrose Lane Primary School, Boston Spa, also thanked Penny, ‘for your time with Year 5 & 6 this week. It certainly seems to have stimulated some interesting conversations’.


Penny Stables and Adrian continue to support local schools with valuable, extra-curricular content, sharing the initiatives of the Boston Spa, Wetherby and Villages Community Green Group. Co-founder Penny Stables says, 'I’m delighted to participate in this programme and looking forward to seeing how the Eco Council ideas we are talking to schools about progresses, so please get in touch (bostongreengroup.co.uk)’.

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We’ll also be returning to St. Josephs’ Primary School, Wetherby in April as part of their Earth Day celebrations. Previously, Deputy Head and Year 6 teacher, Jayne Ward said that, ‘this extra-curricular content really helps to support our curriculum intent. Learning about the climate crisis at a young age is key to making a difference and is easily built into covering key elements of the National Curriculum too with a little bit of thought.’ Jayne goes on to say, ‘The content of the presentation was pitched very well for the children's age and was accessible for differing abilities too. The carbon footprint topic certainly gave the children lots to think about, not just in school but to take home to the family too.

The Community Green Group supports a recycling initiative in local schools, collecting crisp packets and pens/markers for recycling into fence posts, watering cans and picnic benches – giving waste a second home. Members of the public can also recycle empty crisp packets, used pens/markers and used toothpaste tubes/brushes at Yorkshire Building Society, Wetherby or Yeadon’s Hardware, Boston Spa. To date the scheme has recycled over 250,000 crisp packets! Read more

The Community Green Group is also involved in;

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