Please save Environmental Protections

From Friends of the Earth

The government’s plans to tear up the English planning system could drastically weaken environmental protections and hand more power to big developers and landowners. 

But there’s a growing backlash against the government’s proposals – and the threat they pose to nature and our ability to enjoy it.  

Do you have 2 minutes to ask your local councillors in Leeds to oppose the proposals*? The government wants to strip away a lot of local decision-making power – including theirs. So if enough of us speak up, we think we can persuade them.

You could soon lose your right to have a say on many of the things that get built in your community. The protections the current planning system offers to nature and local green space might also be axed.  

But there’s still time to force a U-turn. Last month we helped spark a rebellion in parliament when thousands of us asked our MPs to oppose the plans. Over 100,000 of us have signed our petition to demand more nature protection, not less. And now enough MPs oppose the plans to threaten the government’s substantial majority if it comes to a vote.  

So with the government about to close its consultation on its proposals, now’s the time to pile on even more pressure. 

We’ve drafted an open letter to the man behind the plans – Secretary of State for Housing and Local Government, Robert Jenrick MP.

Now we need as many councillors as possible – including yours in Leeds – to sign it. So please stand up for local democracy and the protection of nature today and ask your local councillors to add their names.

The current planning system is far from perfect. But it is democratic, gives you a voice, and offers some protection for nature and green space. Let’s keep it that way.

Click here to ADD YOUR VOICE

*Don’t live in Leeds? Don’t worry. You can add in your correct details when you click through to take action. 

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