Plastic Free Community

Exciting! we've started our journey as a village to become a Plastic Free Community (well, avoidable and unnecessary single use plastic anyway).

Our Local Parish Council passed a resolution in November 2022, supporting the journey to Plastic Free Community status.

Local businesses are removing key single use plastics or replacing with sustainable alternatives. There is just 1 more spot for a business to sign up! to help us get National accreditation;

Pudding Lab SAS PFC
Douglas Yeadon Hardware SAS PFC

We need local community engagement, ensuring community groups and organisations are involved in the fight against avoidable single-use plastics.  Please spread the word. Schools, churches, youth groups, charities, be part of it. Make the Plastic Free Pledge;

  1. Work to remove avoidable single use plastics from day to day activities
  2. Include your stance on single use plastics in communications
  3. Raise awareness and support this initiative in our community.

Be part of it, get your photo here, and help get our community 'on the map'. Thank you for the support we already have from;

Boston Spa Library SAS PFC
Brownies SAS PFC
Boston Spa Methodist Church

Party in the Park 2022 and 2023 have become 'Plastic Free' events. Our next event is our Autumn Litter Pick with the Boston Spa Litter picking group.

Lastly, we have a member of our Parish Council and a local business owner participating in the Community Green Groups Steering Group, where we'll ensure, at the end of the journey, we complete the application for official Plastic Free Community status.

We understand that this won’t happen overnight, but from ‘small acorns grow mighty oak trees’! We'll keep you updated as to our progress. Here's what we've achieved so far;

PFC SAS Screenshot 2023-10-10