The sub-group on reducing food waste has been on a steep learning curve and discovered among other things, that a lot of the country’s food waste comes from our own kitchens.

That is a great pity for the planet and a waste of much more than our money!

It wastes all the resources that have gone into growing, harvesting, packing, transporting, marketing, buying and cooking it, so it contributes greatly to our carbon foot prints and to the climate crisis.

Apparently, it is easy to misjudge the amount of food we buy and prepare and according to WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) cooked rice is one of the most thrown-away staples in this country, amounting to thousands of tons a year.

Perhaps it is the fear of food poisoning, but leftover rice, if cooled down quickly, covered and stored in the fridge can safely be used within a day or two and form the basis for a delicious second meal. 

One tried and tested option is a rice salad with cubes of feta cheese, but it can be served with most other cheeses, meat, fish, beans, egg or nuts.