The Crown and Pudding Lab – Boston Spa awarded first 5 stars for Sustainable Local Business Award

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Co-founder, Penny Stables, says "I am delighted to be able to recognise these local businesses as striving to protect their local environment and help mitigate the impact on climate change. It's great to see that these businesses now offer free water refills, don't use polystyrene and many other oil-based single-use plastics, and are actively engaged in reducing both plastic as well as food waste. There's still more to do with a community-wide waste management saving initiative and closing the loop on food waste and compostable packaging too, to ultimately achieving Plastic Free Community Status, but we are excited to be able to recognise the efforts these businesses have already made."

Local businesses participating in the Sustainable Local Business Award programme, are being recognised for engaging in various initiatives, such as joining the Refill and Too Good to Go schemes. They can also benefit from potentially reducing their waste management costs by up to 30% with an initiative that the Community Green Group is working hard on with local family business, Forge Recycling, and local composter, The Maltings. There are obvious benefits to the environment too, with less waste going to landfill or incineration and more to circular economy activities. And there's the benefit of engaging more customers to support local businesses that are involved in the initiative too.


Kian and Ashley, co-founders of Pudding Lab says, "We are excited to be part of such a community idea. Not only are we helping to reduce waste through the initiative, we can also better manage our own packaging and food waste to support a transition to a more circular economy. Businesses can also benefit from lower waste management costs and the community now knows which businesses are actively trying to reduce unnecessary single-use plastics, reduce food waste and encourage reuse and refill."


Chris, General Manager at The Crown, says "It's good to be part of a local community effort such as this. We have worked hard to reduce the waste created by the business and now recycle the majority, along with closing the loop on food waste too, at a local composter, turning food waste into soil nutrients which obviously help to improve soil quality for growing food.  We've also benefited from reducing our waste management costs by 30% with less going to general waste which is great for the environment too."

Reduce your waste management costs by up to 30%!

By working in partnership with local waste management business, Forge Recycling, and local businesses, the Community Green Group can help to reduce your waste management costs by up to 30%!

Leeds-based, Forge Recycling's waste collection service now offers a carbon neutral, weekly collection in this community of food waste, glass, dry/mixed recycling and general waste.

Participation in the Community Green Group Sustainable Business Award Programme would also qualify you for further discounted rates.

Forge Recycling loop

Look out for other local businesses getting involved.  They’ll be showing off their credentials by displaying our Community Green Group poster.

If you want to read more about or get involved with our Sustainable Local Business Award Programme - click here. Thank you to our Ward Councillors, Linda Richards and Norma Harrington, and Wetherby Town Council for their support with this initiative.

Interested in Closing the Loop as a business? Let us know by completing a simple form on the above link and we’ll arrange for Forge Recycling to conduct a free waste audit at a convenient time to suit you.

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