Competition: design a bin, win £100, close the loop!

We are all aware of the waste that we create.

Yes, we all recycle as much as we can, we fill our streetside litter bins, we even try and use reusable cups too.

But takeaway cups are becoming a blight to our local community, streets, woodland, fields and rivers.

So, if we want to keep on using takeaway cups, we can ensure they get put to good use once we’ve finished with them, by turning them into compost (what is called ‘closing the loop’).

In its simplest form, cups made from plants (with no plastic lining), sustainably sourced, once used, can be composted at our local industrial composter.

So, we just need to collect the cups responsibly and that’s where we are asking our community to help. Can you design a bin to collect takeaway coffee cups and lids, so its easy for us to do this for you?

Things to consider in the design;

  • Bin would need a top cover to prevent cups/lids from getting wet.
  • Circular access holes on the bin side would prevent other larger objects from being put in the bin.
  • They’ll need some space on them saying it’s for compostable cups and lids only.
  • Perhaps a base for soil and hardy plants for your tea and coffee dregs (also less likely to get blown over)
  • Access required to remove waste when full
  • Tastefully designed to fit in with the Boston Spa village centre, but fun too
  • Cheap and easy to make (we only need 8-10 bins in the village centre)

Win a £50 voucher from each of local businesses Stew & Oyster and Tom Foolery for the best design accomodating as many of the above criteria. Please share your ideas with us this December/January and we’ll get working on ideas to implement this with our local authority.

Along with our local takeaways, we hope this will become part of our journey to become a plastic free community over the next couple of years.

If you have some ideas as to where you would like these bins to be placed, email us too! here’s some proposed locations;

  • Stables Lane
  • Millenium Gardens
  • Riverbank

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