Earth Day 22 April

EARTH DAY 2021 is today. It happens every year on April 22nd.

Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day continues to grow as a global event to demonstrate support for environmental protection and to highlight the urgent actions we need to take to save our planet. 

The theme for 2021 is ‘Restore Our Earth’ and focuses on how we can all play a role in making changes to help repair and protect our environment.

You can take part in Earth Day by undertaking a specific positive climate and environmental action on the day. 

Alternatively, you could pledge to use this day to research and focus your mind on finding out more about a climate-responsible alternative way of doing an everyday activity.

There are many things you could do and here are a few ideas of how you can support this important day:

HAVE A CAR FREE DAY – commit to only walk or cycle. Carbon emissions from transport represent a very significant proportion of our individual carbon footprints. So plan a day where you only use active, sustainable transport – good for your physical wellbeing as well as the environment.

SUPPORT BIODIVERSITY – sow some native wildflower seeds in your garden to help pollinating insects. These seeds can be grown in a container and look beautiful as well as providing food for declining bee populations which are much needed for our eco-systems.

THINK ABOUT YOUR FOOD PRINT – go meat free for the day, try a vegan alternative and/or try a new vegetarian recipe. There is an increasing range of meat free options and recipes available now. Give something new and give meat free a go.

REVIEW ISA INVESTMENTS AND PENSIONS – spend some time looking at what types of investments your money currently resides and start the process. Could you reduce your interest in fossil fuel-based companies, and increase your stake in renewable energy companies and green technologies?

CARRY OUT A DIGITAL CLEAN UP – reduce the carbon footprint of your emails, photos and documents. Too much energy is wasted electronically storing what we no longer need. So today, why not delete unwanted files, emails and photos, remove the apps you don’t use and unsubscribe to emails you don’t wish to receive.

VISIT A REFILL SHOP – there are great local options at Refill & Go in Garforth, Boston Spa Refills and The Good Life in Wetherby. Buy more sustainably. Minimise waste and reduce plastic packaging. Buy more household products that are ethically produced and chemical free.

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