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Ecobrick collection, now at Yeadons, Boston Spa

Ecobricks are a simple, low-tech solution to our plastic waste. Without the need for machines, special skills or money, ecobricks enable us to take personal responsibility for the plastic that we’ve used, by keeping it out of energy consuming recycling systems, out of the environment, and putting it to creative good use. In this case, we are collecting for Meadowfield Primary School, Leeds, who will be using them to make planters and seats in their eco garden area and even a sofa for reception!

An ecobrick is a PET plastic bottle packed solid with clean and dry used plastic.  Your ecobricks need to be packed really full, to create reusable building blocks and sequester plastic.  Thus also keeping plastics out of water sources (where they usually end up) and effectively securing it from degrading into toxins and microplastics

Yeadon’s, Boston Spa will accept ecobricks made from any size transparent PET plastic bottle. The bottle and the packed plastic must be clean and dry to prevent the growth of bacteria. Any used plastic can be cut or ripped into small pieces then packed little by little, alternating between adding the hard and soft plastics then compacting it, layer by layer (perhaps starting with softer plastics to fill the voids at the bottle base). We’d suggest using a wooden stick to manually pack the layers of plastic into the plastic bottle. The bottle should be rotated with each press to ensure the plastic is evenly compacted throughout the bottle. This helps prevent voids and that the packing reaches the requisite firmness needed for building block applications. Do the ‘squeeze test!’ if it makes a noise then you need to keep packing!

Please follow these guidelines when making your ecobrick to ensure we get the most use out of them in our creative displays:

  • Your ecobrick is made using a transparent PET bottle
  • We are specifically wanting to collect 2litre and 500ml ecobricks, but will accept others.
  • Make sure you only use hard and soft plastics that have been cleaned and dried.
  • Ideal weights are: 660g (2l bottles) and 175g (500ml bottles), but don’t stress! fill as much as you can (additional guidance below).
  • Please leave the label on the bottle
  • Please seal tight with the screw lid.
  • To add a bit of vibrancy to your design, add a bottom color of soft plastic inside!
  • If you’ve already made a load of ecobricks, we’ll come and collect them, get in touch below.

Meadowfield School has already collected over 500 ecobricks, but they need almost 1,200 to make their creative ideas a reality! please help;

Click here to start making your own ecobricks by watching our 10 Step Guide!

  1. Leigh Bowser on January 3, 2021 at 7:18 PM

    Hi! I have 8 completed 500g+ ecobricks in bramley, Leeds looking for a project! Are these of any use to you?


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