Geocaching, the worlds largest treasure hunt!

There are millions of hidden ‘caches’ (treasure boxes) out there in our world, just waiting for everyone to find them as part of a fun walk around where you live, work, play and travel to.

In Boston Spa there aren’t very many and with your help we’d like to change that, by setting up a geocache series locally, for you all to find (and learn more about our village and the environment we all live in).

We’ve got quite a few locations in mind (but we can’t tell you them, that would be part of the challenge for you to find them, once we’ve set them up).

However we need some help to make the little cache containers please, preferably from recycled waste plastic you may have at home.

Your geocache container just needs to be watertight, small (between 50p size and one of those large matchboxes) & safe for little ones to open (so no sharp edges), here’s an example made from 2 bottle caps and a plastic bottle neck (it had velcro on the back so it can stick to its hidden location);

If we can paint them green or wrap them in inconspicuous tape you may have laying around that would also help them blend into their local surroundings too. Click here for loads more ideas as to how and what you can make.

Please email if you need more information or have been able to make a few for us (we need about 20 please).

Once the weather is better and we are allowed to explore the outdoors again with others, we’ll get them all setup and let you know when you can go find them all!

In the meantime, download the geocaching app (its free) and have a look at some of the other local caches that can be found, there’s loads to find, its fun and you could find our a little more about the area you are visiting (

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