Wow, we did it! The start of our Plastic Free Community journey

Thank you to all the stalls who switched to plant based packaging (made from sustainable, renewable resources), for the Boston Spa Festival, Party in the Park. Along with food waste it'll be turned into compost locally. Read more here about 'closing the loop' on our waste.


Thank you to everyone else for engaging with the idea, a very important step in reducing avoidable, single use, oil based plastic. Great to see so many people reusing their bottles at the water refill stations too. Read more here about recycling locally and our Plastic Free Community journey.


On the Boston Spa, Wetherby & Villages Community Green Group stand we shared loads of info with regard improving local biodiversity & River Wharfe water quality, tree planting, the Big Bike Fix, reducing food waste, improving recycling and much more. Including making bird feeders & a speed recycling challenge!


Thank you for the preloved donations and vouchers from our generous local businesses for our raffle, raising funds to help us plant more trees, support our Big Bike Fix and many other other initiatives.

£50 @The Crown,

£20 @Douglas Yeadons,

£10 @Pudding Lab,

Enhance Wellbeing Pilates class vouchers

Hamper with 3 bottles of wine and 2 night light holders

Bathroom and pamper set

Vintage Steam Wagon boxed toy

Raffle prize winners are Katie, Barbara, Mimi, Rachel, Marcus, Nigel & Liz.


Answers to our Recycling and Energy Quiz

  1. What is the best thing to do with an empty bottle? Fill it with juice or water and use it again
  2. Which of these is not one of the three R’s for dealing with waste? Replay
  3. If you recycle a tonne of paper, how many trees are you saving? 17 trees
  4. Which of the following is NOT used to generate electricity in the UK? Perfume.
  5. Recycling just two glass bottles save enough energy to boil water for how many cups of tea? 5 cups
  6. Compost is: a type of soil
  7. How many times can an aluminium can be recycled? Over and over again
  8. What should you put into a textile bank? Clothes
  9. If all of the wind around the UK coasts could be harnessed for energy, how much of our energy needs could be met by this source alone? Three times our energy needs.
  10. Where can you recycle your empty, flat crisp packets, pens/markers & toothpaste tubes and brushes in Boston Spa? Yeadon’s Hardware Store

Tiebreak question, nearest wins. How pieces of recycling are in the jar at the Boston Spa Community Green Group stand? 62

Suzie, Rosie and Seth were the closest so each win a cluster of preloved childrens books, well done.


Don't forget our open meeting next Wednesday 20th July from 19.30 at Boston Spa Methodist Church, where we'll be sharing hints and tips about 'coping with the energy crisis', all welcome to come learn and share.

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