Yeadons Hardware, Boston Spa now collecting & recycling more!

Despite COVID we’ve already managed to recycle over 15kgs of crisp packets since we launched in February, thank you.

Yeadons have now offered to collect a broader range of items for the Terracycle scheme, these will now include;

  • NEW (Sept20) all brands of empty, clean & dry baby food pouches, all brands of baby food pouch caps and all brands of baby food snack packets and porridge pouches.
  • NEW (Sept20) used, clean coffee pods; including Tassimo T discs (pods), L’Or capsules, Kenco foil refill packs

For the health and safety of all staff at Yeadons, please ensure all items handed in for recycling are;

  • Empty
  • Clean
  • Dry

Don’t forget Yeadons also collect used batteries, Brita water filters, flat crisp packets, pens, markers, toothpaste tubes/brushes.

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