Yorkshire Building Society, Wetherby now collecting for Terracycle

Now that COVID lockdowns have been somewhat loosened, Yorkshire Building Society, Wetherby are now offering to collect the following items for the Terracycle scheme, helping to ‘recycle the non-recyclable’;

  • empty crisp packets (min 30, flattened),
  • used pens and markers,
  • used toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes.
  • empty, clean and dry coffee pods (see notes below)

So far we’ve prevented at least 160kgs of single use waste from going to landfill or incineration

Please note, be mindful that we still need to protect the health of the staff in our local businesses and our volunteers, so we recommend you:

  • store your recycling at home until you’ve got a good quantity to drop off eg. minimum 30 crisp packets
  • handover in a used plastic bag (which we will recycle)
  • all items must be empty, clean and dry – check out our do’s and don’ts (below)

Look out for the recycling collection signs in their shop windows, and please spread the word.

Please right-click on the image to save, print off and put up on local Wetherby noticeboards.

Do, flatten and wrap your crisp packets with an elastic band which saves us a huge amount of time and helps with storage as we have to get 15kg of crisp packets in a box to send to Terracycle. For example, here are over 2,500 packets which took 45 minutes to individually flatten!

Recycling Crisp Packets
Recycling Crisp Packets

Yorkshire Building Society are also collecting for the RSPCA used, clean and dried coffee pods, including Tassimo T discs (pods), L’Or capsules, Kenco foil refill packs and Lavazza Eco caps.

The Terracycle initiative will not only turn your waste into useful things like outdoor benches, fence posts and watering cans, but will raise funds for the local Community Green Group (so we can plant more trees for example) and keep this type of waste out of landfill, incinerators and the environment. 

Furthermore Recycle, Re-use and Refill – with recycling in mind and with the help of local communities, we’ve put together a PDF Download Handy Guide on Recycling from coffee pods to crisp packets, toners to toothbrushes, as well as all the usual Recycling Guides.


  1. Ian on April 8, 2022 at 7:59 PM

    Why do crisp packets need to be flattened?
    Is this just to save space or is there a specific reason to flatten them?

    Will crisp packets still be collected after April 2022?

    • Adrian on April 8, 2022 at 9:29 PM

      Hi Ian, thanks for dropping us a note. You are absolutely right as to why we politely ask for crisp packets to be flattened, it is to help us store them efficiently, but also just as importantly, we need to pack 8 kgs of crisp packets in a box to send away to Terracycle – being flat certainly helps us quickly achieve that.

      We are aware that 1 manufacturer will be ending their Terracycle partnership from April (because this waste stream can now be collected at selected retailers (check here http://www.recyclenow.com/recycle-an-item/crisp-packets#locator), but there is another manufacturer we work with that continues to work with Terracycle, so will continue to collect crisp packets (any brand), until advised otherwise.


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