When is a Tree a Weed?

Holly Tree a weed ?

The term weed is often misused. I think of a weed as just a plant growing in the wrong place. Look at this holly tree, for example. We all love a holly tree but this is a weed growing in a drain. Don’t worry, it will be removed from its prison and released into the wild.

If you have a tree growing in the wrong place, you can carefully dig it up in the winter months and put it in a pot or moved to a better location. Let us know and the Tree Group or Wildlife Corridor Group will hopefully find a good place for it.

Next time you see a fully grown holly tree, note the prickly leaves at the bottom of the tree and smoother edged leaves at the top – scroll down for the answer:

Prickly leaves at the bottom of a holly tree help stop grazing animals from eating the leaves.

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