Transforming a derelict Walled Garden into a…

.....thriving Community Garden.

Living Potential is based on a working farm, at Carlston Hill Farm in Sicklinghall, near Wetherby, Leeds. They are a Community Interest Company, set up to be a non-profit social enterprise. It is run by a dedicated team of staff who have many years of experience, teaching and working in a variety of environments and who have seen first-hand the therapeutic effects of nature-based interventions.

They are an inclusive farm, welcoming people from all walks of life, of all ages and abilities. Providing a work-centred environment for people, aged 16 plus, with learning or physical difficulties, where they can take part in a range of activities, from animal husbandry, horticulture, arts and crafts and much more.

Living Pot plan
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Earliest indication of a Walled Garden is the above OS map dating 1858. As such, it is assumed that the Walled Garden has been used for horticultural purposes since the 1850s, although Wood Hall, as it stands now, was built in 1760. 

The Walled Garden would have provided produce for Wood Hall until 1919, when the estate was broken up by Mr A.C. Watson and sold to sitting tenants. 

From 1935 to 1966, Woodhall preparatory school, used the walled garden for educational purposes, where ‘each boy had his own lot of garden’.

“These gardens produced a plethora of vegetables and soft fruit, as well as the more exotic melons, bananas and pineapples that so excited the Victorians. However, as the number of gardeners diminished after the First World War, the whole area became neglected and by 2000 was completely overgrown.”

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By 2028 we will…

…be a thriving market garden that produces local, fresh, affordable produce using regenerative and organic principles

…have ~100 veg box members who share the risks and rewards of our harvest, as per Community Supported Agriculture scheme principles

…be working with up to 15 people a day providing therapeutic horticulture services  

…have a regular calendar of events that is driven by our community and volunteers

…be an intergenerational, safe space for all and a focal point for local residents

LPot hut
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