We all need to do our best


So, we are all fully aware of the huge amount of waste we are creating in our daily lives and how this is now affecting the local, national and international environments we live, work and play in. For the sake of this and future generations, every single one of us now needs to think about, what is called the ‘5R’s‘:

Refuse & Reduce the amount we buy, so next time, think before you buy new:

  1. Do you need it?
  2. Can you buy locally and seasonally, eg. fruit & veg?
  3. Can you borrow it, eg. tools?
  4. Can you buy preloved from charity shops? (The secondhand economy of ‘preloved’ goods is bigger in Britain than in any other developed country, generating more than £700m in sales and helping high streets survive, so don’t forget our local charity and hospice shops.)

Recycle, Re-use and Refill – with the help of local communities, we’ve put together a PDF Download Handy Guide on Recycling from coffee pods to crisp packets, toners to toothbrushes, as well as all the usual Recycling Guides.

We now want to take this a step further and focus on collecting specific types of waste that can then be recycled by a scheme called Terracycle.

This initiative will not only turn your waste into useful things like outdoor benches, fence posts and watering cans, but will raise funds for Bramham Primary School and keep this type of waste out of landfill, incinerators and the environment.  In its first 10 months of operation at Bramham Primary School, this environmental initiative has saved 150kg of waste from being incinerated or landfilled!

Bramham Primary School is our main Terracycle Community Recycling Point and collects a broader range of hard-to-recycle waste streams, including crisp packets, biscuit wrappers, confectionery packaging, toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes, pens and felt tips. Please look at the PDF Download Recycling Guide and bring in your items for recycling and place them in the collection box in the school entrance lobby between 9:15am and 2:45pm Monday – Friday (excluding school holidays). 

Please follow the PDF Download Recycling Scheme Rules for ensuring this initiative can be run practically for our volunteers and sustainably for the benefit of our community:

  1. separate recycling by waste stream;
  2. everything is empty of crumbs;
  3. all packaging is flat not scrunched;
  4. only accepted items are included.

Thank you to our local Boston Spa businesses:

Now that COVID lockdown has been loosened, Yeadons and Joon are now offering to collect the following items again for the Terracycle scheme (for obvious reasons 168 Phoenix Hair Salon is no longer collecting)

  • used crisp packets (min 30),
  • writing instruments,
  • toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes.

Look out for the recycling collection signs in their shop windows.

Check out our do’s and don’ts (below) and please spread the word.

Please right-click on the image above to save, print off and put up on local Boston Spa noticeboards.

Please be mindful that we still need to protect the health of the staff in these businesses, so we recommend you;

  • store your recycling at home until you’ve got a good quantity to drop off eg mimimum 30 crisp packets.
  • handover in a used plastic bag (which we will reycle)
Recycling Crisp Packets
Here’s how to pass on your used crisp packets to Yeadons (minimum 30)

Plastic Free Community

Secondly, our group is about to start our journey as a village to become a Plastic Free Community. We understand that this won’t happen overnight, but from ‘small acorns grow mighty oak trees’! We suggest that a good start would be for us all to stop using avoidable single use plastics (or use sustainable alternatives where needed). The other key elements involved are:

  1. Local Parish Council to pass a resolution supporting the journey to Plastic Free Community status.
  2. Local businesses to remove key single use plastics or replace with sustainable alternatives.
  3. Local community engagement, ensuring community groups and organisations are involved in the fight against avoidable single-use plastics. Please spread the word.
  4. Local community events become Plastic Free.
  5. Creation of a local group of stakeholders, which includes representatives from Parish Council and local businesses, to ensure we, at the end of the journey, complete the application for official Plastic Free Community status.

We’ll keep you updated as to our progress.

If you would like to become more involved in any of the above initiatives, please contact us using the form below:

Contact Adrian at the Recycling Group