So, we are all fully aware of the huge amount of waste we are creating in our daily lives and how this is now affecting the local, national and international environments we live, work and play in.

Our local community collection centres are, Yeadons Hardware (Boston Spa) & Yorkshire Building Society (Wetherby). We collect the following items for the Terracycle scheme, helping to 'recycle the non-recyclable':
  • used pens and markers
  • Eco bricks - 2 litre only at Yeadons (read more here).

Sorry, we are no longer collecting:

  • used toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes - these are now be collected at Boots, Wetherby, read more here
  • empty crisp packets - these are now collected with other flexible packaging waste at all major supermarkets
  • coffee pods - most brands now offer a postback service eg. Nespresso
  • empty medicine blister packs - try larger Superdrug stores eg. Harrogate or Westwood Vets (Boston Spa)

THANK YOU! Over the last 5 years of the scheme we've recycled; 100+ ecobricks, 250,000+ crisp packets, pens/markers and toothpaste tubes/brushes!

That's a lot of single use waste we've prevented from going to landfill or incineration, and given a second life - thank you to our community and partners for supporting this initiative.

This is what we still accept;

Want to do more?  Here's some food for thought.  Think about what are called the '5R's':

Refuse & Reduce the amount you buy.  Next time, think before you buy new:

  1. Do you need it?
  2. Can you buy locally and seasonally, eg. fruit and veg?
  3. Can you borrow it, eg. tools?
  4. Can you buy preloved from charity shops? (The secondhand economy of ‘preloved’ goods is bigger in Britain than in any other developed country, generating more than £700m in sales and helping high streets survive, so don’t forget our local charity and hospice shops.)

before you Recycle, Re-use & Refill - check out Recycling Guides if you are struggling to find a home for the unrecyclable!

The Terracycle initiative will not only turn your waste into useful things like outdoor benches, fence posts and watering cans, but will raise funds for Bramham Primary School (our Terracycle Community Recycling Point) and keep this type of waste out of landfill, incinerators and the environment.  In its first 10 months of operation at Bramham Primary School, this environmental initiative has saved 150kg of waste from being incinerated or landfilled!

If you would like to become more involved in any of the above initiatives, please contact us using the form below: