For all your recycling questions, click here, and if you can't find your answer, then we've put our AtoZ together to help you too.

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Baby Food Pouches (Little Freddie) - Sainsbury's in Harrogate have freepost envelopes or you can request these online.

Baby Stuff eg. old prams, monitors, clothes etc. - Little Village has a directory of baby banks, each with its own list of requirements.

Bags eg. cotton tote bags and shopping bags - donate to charity shops and food banks to use as carrier bags.

Batteries eg. normal batteries, watch 'button' batteries, and battery packs from laptops, mobile phones, power tools and remote control units - Morrisons, Aldi, Douglas Yeadons (Boston Spa), Bramham School, St Marys School and Scholes Primary School, or by post to Recycle Box.

Beauty - see Toiletries below.

Bedding including duvets, towels and blankets - donate to an animal rescue centre eg. Dogs Trust on A64 or find one at the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (though check with individual centres first).  Also try Revive and Barnados (Wetherby).

Beds & Mattresses - Collect Your Old Bed

Bike tyres and inner tubes - All Terrain Cycles, as part of Velorim's recycling initiative.

Biscuit & Cracker Wrappers (empty and flat) - Bramham School lobby (9.15am to 14.45pm).

Bras - Against Breast Cancer collect second-hand bras to raise funds for breast cancer research.

Bread Bags - empty them and pop in your green bin (if in Leeds City Council area), or check out your local supermarket as most are now also collecting them.

Butter & Margarine Tubs - clean them and pop in your green bin (if in Leeds City Council area).


Cameras - Shutterhub has a camera amnesty that accepts any donation (even if broken) that could help photographers in need globally.

Candles - watch this space; coming soon to Boston Spa!

Car Batteries - household waste recycling sites (see Recycle Now).

Cartons (Tetra Paks) eg. juice cartons, plant/UHT milk cartons, custard cartons, tomato cartons - clean them and pop in your green bin (if in Leeds City Council area).

CDs - sadly, these are not recyclable and need to go in your general waste (Leeds City Council black) bin.  Alternatively, try selling on Ziffit, Zapper, MusicMagpie and We Buy Books.

Childrens' Books - the Children's Book Project will distribute old books to children in need.

Christmas Trees - Martin House's team of elves will take away the hassle of a trip to the tip and having to clear a car full of needles by collecting and recycling your Christmas tree.  Do book in time (about by 3 January) to ensure your tree gets collected.


  • charities eg. Oxfam (Wetherby) where you'll receive a £5 M&S voucher if you donate at least one item of M&S clothing;
  • clothes banks (see Recycle Now) - we have a clothes bank at Deepdale Community Centre and Wetherby ‘Cluster of Nuts’ car park;
  • sell on Thrift+, Vinted, Gumtree or eBay;
  • post to Recycle Box;
  • repair/reuse at Love Your Clothes and Garforth Repair Cafe;
  • if no longer fit to wear - please clearly label the bag as rags, and hand in to Save the Children and Oxfam (Wetherby).

Coat Hangers - return to shop or by post to Recycle Box.

Coffee Cups (normal single use) - household waste recycling sites or by post to Recycle Box.

Coffee Pods (metal and plastic) - most brands now offer postback services or send by post to Recycle Box.  Some are home compostable.  If not compostable, you can also recycle with Podback.

Compostable Packaging (eg. Vegware) - home compost or by post to Recycle Box.

Contact Lenses (soft) including blister packs and foil covers that they come in - collected by Cameron & Beaumont opticians and Boots (Wetherby).

Corks - by post to Recorked UK or Recycle Box, or home compost if natural cork.

Cosmetics - see Toiletries below.

Crisp Packets - recycle with flexible plastics at your local major supermarket.


Duvets (synthetic) - see Bedding above.

DVDs - see CDs above.


Ecobricks! 2 litre, straight sided only (click here to see what they are) - Douglas Yeadons (Boston Spa).

Egg Cartons - return to Vanessa's news shop (Super Shop)

Electronics (wires, cables & plugs, IT & telecommunications equipment, laptops, keyboards, and anything with a plug, battery or cable) - find your nearest recycling point at Recycle Your Electricals, or by post to Recycle Box or Cash In Your Gadgets.  See also Small Electricals below.

Ever wondered what happens to your old electricals? HypnoCat explains all on this video.


Fruit (surplus) - if you have too much fruit from your fruit tree(s) that are unpicked or unused, you can donate them to Leeds Urban Harvest.

Furniture, small (eg. bedside cabinets, coffee tables) - Save the Children (Wetherby).

Furniture, large (upholstered must have fire reg labels on) - Martin House (Thorp Arch) can collect, but there is a 3 week lead time.


Garden Tools - contact Frank at  They repair and send to Africa through Global Aid.

Glass Bottles/Jars (not in your green Leeds City Council bin) - recycle at Deepdale Community Centre (Boston Spa) or find your nearest at Recycle More.

Glasses - Andrew Morgan (Boston Spa) is collecting on behalf of VisionCare Optometry (York).  Specsavers and Cameron Beaumont (Wetherby) also collect.



Ice Cream Tubs - clean them and pop in your green bin (if in Leeds City Council area).

Inhalers - collected by Boots (Wetherby), Cohens (Boston Spa) and Tadcaster Medical Centre.



Kitchen Food Scraps (uncooked) - home compost or connect with neighbours who are already composting at Share Waste.



Mattresses - The Mattress Recycling People are part of The Furniture Recycling Group.  Most reputable bed sales companies who offer to take away your old mattress/bed will use this company.  The costs vary from £45 per mattress to £70 for a king size mattress and bed frame.

Mobile Phones - up to 80% is recyclable, so don't send it to landfill or leave it in the drawer.  Recycle at phone shops, charities, Freecycle, Freegle, Hubbub and most household waste and recycling centres in containers marked "small electricals"; or sell on eBayGumtree, Facebook marketplace, Cash Converters, Reboxed and CeX.

Medicine Blister Packs - Westwood Vets (Boston Spa) or try Superdrug pharmacy stores.




Packaging eg. used boxes, Jiffy bags, bubblewrap, foam peanuts/popcorn etc. - Packshare has a directory of businesses who are keen to re-use packaging.

Paint - collected by Seagulls (Kirkstall) or recycle at the household waste recycling centre in Thorp Arch.

Pens, felt tips, markers & highlighters - drop in to Douglas Yeadons (Boston Spa) or Bardsey Primary School.

Pet food pouches - no longer being collected by Westwood Vets (Boston Spa) because people didn't clean and dry them.

Pillows - try Barnados (Wetherby).

Postage Stamps (leave min 0.5cm around edge) - here's a link to charities accepting stamps.

Pringles Tubes & all other paper containers with metal ends (eg. gravy granule & hot chocolate containers) - recycle at the 'Pringles tube' bank at the household waste recycling centre in Thorp Arch.

Printer Cartridges - most brands now offer postback services or alternatively, by post to Empties Please and Scholes Primary School.




School uniforms (preloved) - schools generally sell within parent community.

Scrap fabrics, paper, buttons, sacks, boxes etc. - Cone Exchange (Harrogate).

Sewing machines - contact Frank at  They repair and send to Africa through Global Aid.

Shoes - charities and clothes banks (see Recycle Now).  If they're end-of-life shoes, recycle with Variety as component parts (eg. rubber and leather etc.) can be separately recycled, raising money for charity.  Some shoe brands also offer take-back schemes.

Small Electricals eg. toasters, kettles, microwaves (must be PA tested) - some charity shops accept them eg. British Heart Foundation, Sue Ryder, larger Oxfam, Save the Children (Wetherby), Salvation Army shops and Martin House (Thorp Arch), but ring ahead to check.  Everything with a plug, battery or cable can be recycled.  Find your nearest recycling point at Recycle Your Electricals.  Curry's will also take any unwanted tech regardless of whether it works or if you bought it there or not.

Socks - the London Sock Company runs a sock amnesty where they collect clean old and unwanted socks (even odd and holey ones) and turn them into fingerless gloves and neck warmers for Crisis.

Stationery - by post to Recycle Box.

Sweet and Chocolate Tubs - clean them and pop in your green bin (if in Leeds City Council area).


Toiletries, empties - Boots (Wetherby).  Read here for more information on how the scheme operates and register here to begin to scan and deposit your empties.

Toiletries - drop off at Superdrug (Wetherby) for Beauty Banks to distribute unused items to those in need. Toiletries Amnesty also distributes items that have been opened or not to homeless shelters, hospices, refugee services etc.

Toners (branded only) - Douglas Yeadons or by post to Recycle Box.

Toothpaste Tubes & Toothbrushes - continue to be collected at Boots, Wetherby, read more here. Our collection points in Boston Spa and Wetherby no longer collect this waste type.

Tools (household and garden) - contact Frank at  They repair and send to Africa through Global Aid.


Unwanted Items - share with others on Olio.



Water Filters (Brita) - Douglas Yeadons (Boston Spa).

Wellington Boots - see Shoes above.



Yoghurt Pots & Cream/Sour Cream Pots - clean them and pop in your green bin (if in Leeds City Council area).


Imagine if all the above was diverted from landfill or incineration!

Other Handy Hints 

If you need further guidance on plastic recycling, see Leeds City Council's advice on plastic recycling.

If you are really struggling, see Leeds City Council's advice on getting rid of unwanted items.

If we haven’t answered your questions, try Recycle Now.

Please don't put any black or brown plastics in your green bin!  And please make sure that the plastic has no food residue on it.

Need a bin fixing?  Get in touch with

Want an extra green bin?  Order a new bin here or just reduce what you buy in packaging.

Want to try home composting?  Buy a bin from Get Composting.

Here are some composting tips.