Wildlife Corridors

This Group aims to connect existing wildlife areas and help improve existing areas.

  • Nest boxes – add and maintain nesting sites for wildlife.
  • Hedgehogs – connect gardens to improve habitat and see our Hedgehog page.
  • Protect existing areas – plant and maintain areas that can help improve wildlife.
  • Spread the word about ideas and encourage business to change for the better.

What Can You Do?

  • make a nest box or have space for one – contact Mike below who has a store of wood and the RSPB has information on how to make your own bird box including information on starling boxes. See also Sara’s and Georgina’s blogs about their bird box projects and photos below of the bird boxes that Adrian made;
  • add a hole under/in your garden wall or fence for hedgehogs etc – see also our Hedgehog page and Mark’s blog about rescuing a hedgehog;
  • plant your garden with insect-friendly plants – The Pollinator Garden and Wildlife Trust are good links;
  • create safe lodging for frogs, toads and newts in your garden – see the RSPB’s how-to guide;
  • provide a haven for insects in your garden – see the Wildlife Trust’s Guide on Taking Action for Insects;
  • complain about peat-based compost – peat is a carbon store and should NOT be used;
  • use your pen (or fingers) – don’t underestimate the power of a simple complaint. See Pen Power for our campaigns.

Please check other groups to see what you can do.

Contact Mike at Wildlife Corridor Group