An Idea for Your Old Christmas Tree

Old Christmas Tree


This is a picture of last year’s Christmas tree which I placed amongst the bird feeders and year-end overgrowth. It has provided welcome shelter from the occasional sparrowhawk and a gap filler against the otherwise plain wooden fence. Over the year, there was a gentle transition from the Christmas green to the autumnal golden brown. The decision now is what to do with this year’s tree: to replace one with the latest or find a way to create a pair and develop the unkempt community project that has seen so many birds enjoy the variety of viewpoints, especially leading up to the RSPB bird watch later this month (25-27 January 2020). There’s still time to sign up.

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  1. Mike Gadd on January 5, 2020 at 4:49 PM

    I’ve taken Marcus’s idea and done the same with our tree this year. We put it in a corner with some hedge cuttings and deadwood at the bottom for insects and birds. Have a look at my post on tips for gardening for wildlife –

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