Buglife Corridor

Boston Spa is on Buglife’s network of corridors, B-Lines, for wildlife to freely travel around Britain.

B-Line running from Wetherby to Tadcaster and Cawood

Click on the map to read more and see the locations that have been submitted so far, namely Church Fields Wildflower Meadow and Stables Lane Park in Boston Spa.

Do you know an area that could be flagged as havens for pollinators and added to the list?

Do you also know areas that could be enhanced or converted to support the B-Line?

Let’s protect and increase our Buglife Corridor.

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  1. Keith Jackson on September 1, 2020 at 12:37 PM

    I would love to see a wildflower strip from the edge of the village at Moor End up to the Wattlesyke junction. Then it would be possible to extend the treatment alongside the new link road to Wetherby. This would make a large contribution to the Buglife corridor objective.

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