Gardening for Wildlife Tips

Water Butt

I needed to reset the footings for a water butt and instead of using a single block or slap of concrete, I used some old bricks and slab. Leaving a gap will give a home for newts, toads, insects etc.

Rough Corners

I am sure if you look around your garden or any accessible land you may be able to create just a small spot that insects and birds will benefit from.

Add bush/hedge cuttings to a rough corner instead of filling your bin will make a home for some wildlife. The more rough corners with decaying wood the better.


Another simple thing you can do if you have any trailing plants: I simply made the ivy into a knot, added extra twigs and secured a nesting area for birds.

Ivy is also a great source of late nectar for bees and other insects. If it’s not a real nuisance, please leave it.

Old Christmas Tree

Inspired by Marcus’s post, I thought I would use my old tree this year and some hedge cuttings interwoven to make a rough corner. Adding some old logs in the bottom will also help wildlife.

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