Please contact the relevant action group if you'd like to join any of them, but below are some ideas where you can help.

Pen Power

"The pen is mightier than the sword."

Penned by English author, Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839:

A well-worded letter can bring change and we will be adding a series of topics and ideas on how to instigate some change. Please help if you can or suggest an area we can look at.

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Change Energy Supplier

The single most important thing you could do today is to switch to a truly green energy supplier.

The world's first green energy supplier was Ecotricity who support many environmental projects. For example, they've been building wind turbines on industrial and commercial sites for almost a decade, powering household names and giving them real environmental and economic advantages. Their Merchant Wind Power scheme can provide you with a dedicated green energy supply for less than you pay for brown electricity.

If costs are your concern, there's also Bulb - click on the images below to see some of their achievements:

Alternatively, see Tearfund's Big Clean Switch for suggestions of other suppliers.

Eco Tips

The Church of England Diocese of Leeds has produced an environmental calendar which lists 4 to 5 things you could do each month to help the environment. Click on the button to download the pdf.

You could also choose 5 of the ideas below and you will be making a difference:


  • Reduce electricity use eg. installation of LED lights, solar pv panels etc
  • Reduce gas use


  • Fly less
  • Reduce car miles
  • Consider car sharing or buying an electric vehicle
  • Bike and walk more - you’ll get fitter and feel happier too
  • Turn off your car whilst waiting to collect someone or your takeaway!
  • Buy local


  • Compost kitchen and garden waste
  • Reuse/refill a waterbottle
  • Use a local milkman and reusable glass milk bottles
  • Use refill shops for items such as detergent, fabric softener, washing up liquid, handwash, shampoo etc - see Boston Spa Refills for their delivery and collection service, The Good Life in Market Pace Wetherby and Original Way at Wetherby Market every Thursday
  • Use an ecoegg for clothes washing
  • Switch to soap and shampoo bars instead of liquids in plastic bottles
  • Switch to reusable cloths and stop using disposable wipes
  • Don't buy black plastic packaging; it can't currently be recycled
  • Clean the plastic you put in the recycling to prevent it going to landfill or incineration
  • Buy used, at charity shops, not new
  • Buy only when needed
  • Opt out of junk mail - see Royal Mail's website for opting out from unaddressed items, email Direct Marketing Association’s ‘Your Choice’ scheme requesting to opt out at, register online at the MPS website, register on the Fundraising Preference Service website
  • Don’t accept receipts at checkouts as they generally contain plastic and paper based, so not recyclable
  • Recycle - see also our Recycling page for tips and guidelines


  • Eat less meat
  • If you do eat meat, eat better meat ie. ethical free range and grass-fed meat
  • Use up leftover food eg. as pizza toppings or see our Recipes page
  • Switch to organic food - Organic Pantry in Newton Kyme have a farm shop and veg box scheme, and they deliver
  • Bake your own bread - no plastic bread bag and the smell of freshly baked bread is amazing!
  • Grow your own veg - it doesn't come wrapped in plastic
  • Buy food such as pasta and rice in bulk to reduce plastic packaging
  • Don't waste food - see Olio and Too Good to Go


  • Change your search engine - Ecosia plant trees with your searches for free
  • Leave an area in your garden to grow and plant wild flowers - see Wildlife Corridor's posts for ideas
  • Make your garden hedgehog friendly - build a hedgehog home, connect your garden with your neighbours to keep a hedgehog highway avoiding roads
  • Explore what type of organisations your pension and investments are supporting; many pensions have an eco option
  • Explore greener banks, such as Triodos
  • Switch to a sustainable mobile phone provider - Ecotalk uses green energy, powered by renewables.  They have partnered with the RSPB to help fund land purchases at current and future RSPB reserves.

The web is also full of great ideas, such as Hubbub and Zero Waste Leeds.